Office Plant Displays
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Office Plant Display Areas

Office plants can be used to enhance the working environment in many places.  Examples are shown below and click here for retail and showrooms:

Reception Areas

Enhance your reception area with designed plant displays:

  • a small single specimen plant which can be trailing or upright for a reception desk or office table where space is limited
  • a 12" diameter bowl requiring slightly more space but utilising a colourful Bromeliard if required
  • a single floor standing specimen plant
  • a floor standing mixed display including a colour if required

Bromeliards are available in a range of colours and are regularly replaced to provide a constant changing plant display.

  Office plant display in a reception area

Boardroom / Meeting Rooms

Plants in these areas can be more difficult to maintain due to meetings and conferences. Office Plant Displays use a range of hardier specimen plants which require less attention.  These species are not affected if the regular maintenance visit cannot be carried out by our representative.